Sian Palmer

Drama Therapy – Expressive Movement – Constellations

About Me

In 2007 I followed my soul’s call, travelling to the UK to embark on my Masters Degree in Drama & Movement Therapy (Sesame) at the University of London. Through this MA I discovered my freedom of expression as a storyteller and dancer, learning to trust in these modalities and what emerged as communications of who I am, who I am not and who I am becoming. It is through our physical being that we engage with life, and in turn it is through creative embodied process that we have access to healing and growth.

On returning to South Africa in 2009 I founded Expressive Movement, a movement meditation form inspired by my experience on the Sesame training and on many 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine dance floors. In guiding classes, facilitating immersions and training facilitators in the Expressive Movement form over the past four years I have learned of the value of embodied presence, authentic communication and individual and collective visioning through natural movement in community. I celebrate the joy and lightness of being that the dance invites in us and how it brings us into joyous connection with one another and our vitality.

I come from a big, supportive family and grew up relishing the legendary stories of my ancestors, which I believe has added to my love of people and our collective histories. In 2015 I qualified as a Family Constellations facilitator, which had a profoundly positive impact on my life and practice. This has led to the emergence of the co-creative body of work, Ancestral Connections, created by Tanja Meyburgh (Founder of African Constellations) and me. A primary principle in this systemic body of work is around recognising our interdependence.

Our interconnectedness extends to the environment and all of life. As we face this climate crisis I believe we are met with opportunity to learn and grow. I am currently in the process of qualifying in Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, through which I aim to best support the creation of a sustainable future.

I am a soul traveler. I believe in the journey of self-discovery – recovering what was lost, uncovering what was hidden and discovering what we didn’t know existed. This journey requires movement, is inspired by ancient stories, expressed through the arts and deeply connected to the mystery of life. As a body-based practitioner I focus on the interplay between inner and outer; dreaming and reality and recognise how embodiment bridges worlds.

As within so without… I am a traveler. I explore the world. I am increasingly curious to meet and learn from the beauty, fragility and resilience found in the places and people I encounter. I pay attention to how the environment and people support the emergence of life. I am currently offering work nationally and internationally – in South Africa and in Europe. I am honoured to meet many inspiring people who are successfully co-creating with life and am committed to my ongoing personal and professional development in supporting healing and growth.

Academic Qualifications:

BA, English and Drama, University of Cape Town (with Distinction in Drama) 2002 – 2005

BA, Psychology, UNISA 2005 – 2007

MA, Drama and Movement Therapy (Sesame), University of London (with Distinction) 2007 – 2009

In addition to my formal eduction I have completed the following trainings:

Lifeline, Childline Counseling Course

Playback Theatre Core Training

Family Constellations Training with Tanja Meyburgh

Professional experience includes:

Trainer Facilitator at the Zakheni Arts Therapy Foundation

Resident Drama Therapist at a school for special needs in Johannesburg

Lecturer and Course Co-Ordinator on the Honours Drama Therapy program at Wits University

Director, Conductor and Performer at Wits DFL Playback Theatre Company

Founder and Trainer of Expressive Movement

Professional Memberships:

I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) and am a full member of SCASA (The Systemic Constellations Association of South Africa) and SANATA (The South African National Arts Therapies Association).

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