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Expressive Movement

What is Expressive Movement?

Founded by Sian Palmer in 2009, Expressive Movement is a dynamic movement meditation practice with the focus on the dance as your meditation tool, enabling greater authentic presence and freedom. This body-based mindfulness practice enhances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; increasing vitality and supporting a healthy relationship to yourself, others and all of life. The Expressive Movement form is founded on the principle that dance is a fundamental medium of human communication and expression – and that through dancing we can enable conscious awareness, creative action and connection.

In an Expressive Movement class you focus on tuning into what is, becoming present to the sensations, feelings and images held within your body. From here you move to expressing – allowing spontaneous movement to arise with the support and guidance of the music, your fellow dancers and the facilitator. The music builds and returns, using the principle of the wave, in order to encourage a range of expression and to assist you in letting go and finding freedom and integration within.

Through self-expression in movement – reconnecting mind, body and heart – we re-member how to be in relationship with ourselves, others and all of life.

No prior dance experience is needed. Everyone can dance. All are welcome.

What happens in a class?

The EM facilitator guides you through a warm up and introduces the focus for the class. You then move through a free-dance journey with the theme as inspiration, following the dance with the support of the group of dancers, good music and guided facilitation over the mic.

When Can I Dance?

Online classes take place every Thursday. Click here for more info.

The Expressive Movement practice is inspired by:

Jungian theory

5Rhythms and

Movement Medicine

Expressive Movement Dancer says about the practice: “There are very few spaces where one can really let go, play, feel, move, create and BE without any external need to be anything else other than where we find ourselves in the moment.”

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