Sian Palmer

Drama Therapy – Expressive Movement – Constellations

The Work that Reconnects

“Active Hope is waking up to the beauty of life on whose behalf we can act. We belong to this world.” – Joanna Macy, Founder of The Work that Reconnects

Sian is currently in the process of qualifying as one of the first of Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects facilitators in South Africa.

In the face of overwhelming social and ecological crises, The Work that Reconnects helps people transform despair and apathy into constructive, collaborative action. It brings a new way of seeing the world as our larger living body. This perspective frees us from the assumptions and attitudes that now threaten the continuity of life on Earth.

The experiential work follows a spiral sequence flowing through four stages:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Honoring our pain for the world
  3. Seeing with new eyes
  4. and Forging forth

These stages reflect the natural cycles common to psychological growth and spiritual transformation. We can move through the Spiral more than once in a workshop and through this movement we enable deeper connection and healthy movement.

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